A Great Trip To The Day Spa

My mom's birthday was this past week and I decided to purchase a spa gift certificate for her. She loved her time being pampered and I knew that she would enjoy it even more with her sister, me, and my daughter. We all loved visiting a local day spa Austin so I made an appointment for the weekend.

During our trip to the spa, we had many luxurious services. We started the day with a massage. My daughter decided against it so she had a facial instead. We also had facials, but ours was after the relaxing massage. After that, we each had a manicure and pedicure.

The day was pretty much perfect. Not only did we all get pampered and feel great, but we looked great, too, after a day of being taken care of, spending time with our favorite people, and laughing a lot. I knew that my mom's birthday gift was one of the best ones yet. However, I knew that I would have to make the next years even bigger and better, but there was no doubt a spa would be involved and we would all spend some time being pampered.

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